Jesse Stirling
Jesse Stirling   |   Author, actor, broadcast executive, journalist, salesman, marketeer, photographer, filmmaker and self-styled visionary. Seeker of truth. Philosopher poet. Vagabond soul. Nerd. Host and Producer, “Meetings with Remarkable People” which airs on Canada’s SuperStation, NTV ( Senior Editor, “Nobleman” magazine (


Jarrett Astrof
Jarrett Astrof   |   He took an early interest in video. At age 10 he convinced his parents to buy him a camcorder. By 15 he was learning how to edit VHS using two VCRs and an editing board. By 16 he was working as a cameraman for a local organization filming seminars and day trips which he edited as well. Fast forward 20 years and Jarrett is still filming and editing today, constantly honing his skills in his search for perfection.